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2º de Bachillerato - CONDITIONAL SENTENCES 1 2º de Bachillerato - CONDITIONAL SENTENCES Type I : Real Conditional a) If + Simple present + will Both condition and result are very likely to happen If I won the lottery, I would buy a Ferrari. If John gets a good result, he will (he'll) study 1º /2º BACHILLERATO - PDF DATABASE REPHRASING VARIADO - 1º /2º BACHILLERATO - LOTE 1 REPHRASING VARIADO - 1º /2º BACHILLERATO - LOTE 2 Activities with 1º Bachillerato: CONDITIONAL SENTENCES Activities with 1º Bachillerato Blog del Departamento de Inglés del IES "Hermanos Argensola" de Barbastro para apoyar la realización de actividades en la clase de idiomas. martes, 15 de febrero de 2011. CONDITIONAL SENTENCES 2º BACHILLERATO. Práctica y Modelos de Examen PAU Inglés ...

READY? You just have to follow these tips MIRABLOGDEINGLES: REPHRASING FOR 2º BACHILLERATO … 2 bachillerato unit 3 contrast clauses (2) 2 bachillerato unit 3 linking words and writing (2) 2 bachillerato unit 4 reported speech with answers (2) 2 bachillerato unit 5 passive voice explanation and practice (2) 2 bachillerato unit 5 passive with reporting verbs (2) 2 bachillerato unit 6 linkers in conditionals (3) 2 bachillerato unit 8 First and second conditional - University of Cagliari First and second conditional lingua house Innovation in Learning TM A A A A ENGLISH GRAMMAR 4 Practice 3 Look at the situations below. Decide if they are impossible/hypothetical or possible and form a conditional sentence for each one. Where possible, try to use other modal verbs instead of will or would, for example can, could, might, may First Conditional - Amazon Web Services

ENGLISH ACTIVITIES. CONDITIONAL SENTENCES 3RD YEAR … ENGLISH ACTIVITIES. CONDITIONAL SENTENCES TYPE 1. 3RD YEAR E.S.O. 1. Match the two parts of each sentence. 1 If Peter doesn’t pay attention in class, a the computer will start. 2 If you press this green button, b we won’t have anything to eat at the party. 3 If the girls don’t bring the food, c he’ll have a lot of problems in the exams. ENGLISH IN SANCRIS: REVIEW OF VERB TENSES (2ND … This is a review of verb tenses in two pages; Here you are an exercise on verb tenses.And this is the key, but don't cheat, please; And these are two texts for you to see how verb tenses work in a text. And of course here is the key REPHRASING EXERCISES - IES ALFONSO X EL SAB 20.- That girl is a friend of mine. His father owns El Corte Inglés. That girl_____El Corte Inglés, is a frind of mine. 21.- Tomorrow is Monday, but I would like it to be Sunday. REPORTED SPEECH EXERCISES + KEY (2º BACHILLERATO)

1 2º de Bachillerato - CONDITIONAL SENTENCES Type I : Real Conditional a) If + Simple present + will Both condition and result are very likely to happen If I won the lottery, I would buy a Ferrari. If John gets a good result, he will (he'll) study

Conditionals 1: Re-write the sentences so that they have the same meaning as the original. 1: I didn't go to Helen's party because she didn't invite me. 2: We'll go to the beach unless it rains. 3: Ann can't buy a new car because she hasn't got enough money. 4: REPHRASING - AMPA IES La Creueta, Onil REPHRASING 1. She started drinking too much alcohol two years ago. - She has 2. I don’t have a computer so I can’t type the essay on English grammar. - If 3. Despite having been vaccinated she caught the flu. - Although she 4. “We will arrest them for illegal entry in the country”, the policeman said. - The policeman said 5. 2º Bachillerato: Modal Verbs Rephrasing ~ Why learn English? Dec 17, 2013 · 2º bachillerato ( 35 ) Compositions ( 3 ) General Info ( 4 ) REPHRASING EXERCISES (Units 1-6) 2º BACHILLERATO REPHRASING EXERCISES 2º BACHILLERATO ACTIVE AND PASSIVE VOICES: Infinitivo Activo > Pasivo I don’t like people to criticise me (I don’t like to…) He expects us to pay him for the CDs (He expects to ) Helen expects me to invite her (Helen expects …) I want Oxford University to …


Reason Contrast Purpose Result (so and such) Time Conditional Mixed linking words Mixed linking words 2 Modals Passive Causative h

Phrasal Verbs (1) (put on, break out, use up, etc.). Grammar. Conditionals and Time Clauses. Wish Clauses. Reading.